• Datura Performs 'Metel'
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  • Datura performs 'Metel'
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METEL (Devil’s Trumpet) is a new work by DATURA that grows out of an interest in cyclical content and creative cycles that, over time, combine to create new layers and patterns. The patterns reinforce and/or interfere with each other creating both harmony and dissonance that changes over time. The interest in cycles is combined with an interest in the many possible soloist-ensemble relationships, carried across artistic disciplines available in our large and diverse group.
(Datura metel is one of the 50 fundamental herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine, where it is called yáng jīn huā (洋金花).)

Josh Bennet – clarinets and electronics
Benjamin Braman – live visuals
Liang Yingzi – choreography/movement direction
John D. Mitchell – computer, analog synthesizer and woodwinds
Tony Obr – computer, modular synthesizer and saxophone
Joe Willie Smith – sonic sculptures
Jamie Arakas – live lighting

Trunk Space – December 2016
Phoenix Arts Museum –  February 2017
Phoenix X Fest – February 2017