John D. Mitchell

John D. Mitchell is an interactive media designer, composer, and researcher committed to expanding sensory and creative experiences in the arts. For much of his career Mitchell has focused on exploring the use of computer interactivity in dance and movement performance. In 1990 Mitchell became a founding member of the Institute for Studies in the Arts at Arizona State University. At the Institute Mitchell pioneered the development of the Intelligent Stage, an interactive performance facility where he continued to work for the next ten years as a composer, director and interactive media designer.

Mitchell turned his attention to performance telematics in 1999 founding ADaPT, the Association for Dance and Performance Telematics. From 2000 through 2010 Mr. Mitchell participated in numerous international multi-site performance projects with artists in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Nottingham, UK, Bahia, Brazil, Melbourne, Australia, Seville, Spain and many others.

John D. Mitchell is an educator, and currently co-directs ADaPT and teaches dance media and interdisciplinary performance courses in the School of Film, Dance and Theater at Arizona State University.