• Datura Performs Kymatocarpa 2019
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DATURA Kymatocarpa has the largest flowers of any Datura species, and the flowers open for one night only and wither the next day. The Ephemeral Performance Garden will explore the impermanence of many, if not all, of the elements in our lives. Relationships, work, family, living spaces – often the things that we most take for granted – are beautiful one day (one night) and are gone the next. We created a Performance Garden for this work. This garden requires a guided viewer walk-through to experience the performance work. The participants  tour  the performance space in their own time, experiencing the elements of the piece as they traverse the garden.

Max Bernstein – percussion, electronics, and images
Benj Braman – sound and images
John D. Mitchell – computer, audio processors and woodwinds
Tony Obr – analog synthesizer, saxophone and electronics
Joe Willie Smith – sonic sculptures
Seth Thorn – violin and electronics
Halley Wilcox – movement

Movement Creation and Performance
Ella Alzua, Zijia Kong, Sandra Schoenewald, Tiffany Velasquez, Ziqian Zhou

Trunk Space – March 2019
Nelson Fine Arts Center – April 2019
MOCO – Movement and Computing in the Arts Conference – October 2019