• Datura Performs Ferox 2017-2018
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Ferox (Fierce Thornapple) is a species of Datura. Like all such species, every part of the plant contains deadly toxins that can kill animals that ingest it. This work is a live, improvised, interdisciplinary piece that blends artistic disciplines. The work is inspired by notions of the ferocity of the natural world, and how often the beauty of nature, along with its awesome power and peril, can combine to overwhelm our senses.

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Datura Ensemble dedicates this performance to the victims of hurricanes Harvey and Irma. The immensity of these natural disasters has caused historic destruction and suffering, but the human spirit resonates with boundless love. We have witnessed a coming together of people of diverse backgrounds, selflessly sacrificing their own safety to help others without regard to differences.

This performance is a meditation, offering love and spiritual support.

Benj Braman – images
Yingzi Liang and Halley Wilcox – movement
John D. Mitchell – computer, audio processors and woodwinds
Tony Obr – analog synthesizer, saxophone and electronics
Joe Willie Smith – sonic sculptures 

Galvin Theater – September 15-17, 2017
Alwun House –  October 6, 2017
Phoenix Art Projects: City Scape – December 1, 2017
Phoenix Art Amplified – January 7, 2018


Movement Creation and Performance
Yingzi Liang, Sharon McCaman, Sandra Schoenewald, Hally Willcox, Rebecca Witt