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Vestigia performed by DATURA, 6/1/21

Datura vestigia, known as the Giant Datura, is a species of flowering plant in the nightshade family Solanaceae. It’s likely origin is unknown, first discovered in the Voynich manuscript in 2019. It was an exceptionally large version of similar contemporary datura species. D. vestigia probably was frequently employed in traditional medicine to treat a variety of ailments. It could have also been used as a hallucinogen (of the anticholinergic/antimuscarinic, deliriant type), taken entheogenically to cause intense visions. It contains tropane alkaloids which are responsible for the deliriant effects and may be severely toxic.

DATURA performed Vestigia, 6/1/2021,  from Arizona State University’s
Decision Theater, Tempe, AZ.

Benj Braman – video, mixing, audio, and streaming
John D. Mitchell – computer, audio processors
Steve Rosales – live video
Holly Smith – movement direction

Movement Creation and Performance
Alyssa Calvano, Jemima Choong, Tanya Dimitrov, Qinzie Li

Live streamed on Facebook, June 1, 2021