• Datura performs 'Inoxia'
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Inventions & Conventions

Dance Annual 2016Inoxia (Moonflower) was performed by DATURA on April 15, 16, and 17 2016 in the experimental dance lab at the Arizona State University

John D. Mitchell – computer, analog synthesizer and woodwinds
Josh Bennet– computer, and clarinet
Joe Willie Smith – sonic sculptures
Chris Todd – live visuals
Fumihiro Kikuchi –live lighting
Yingzi Liang –movement direction
movement created and performed by
Yingzi Liang, Sharon McCamon, Sandra Schoenewald, Allyson Yoder

Datura Performs Inoxia April 2016

Inoxia excerpt

DATURA performs Inoxia April 17, 2016

Inoxia complete performance