Chris Ziegler

ChrisZChris Ziegler (born 6. Jan 1963) is a director and digital artist in the field of new media, scenography and the performing arts.

Chris began his career in 1994 working on dance, music, theater and new media projects for the Frankfurt Ballet, the Goethe Institute, and others, creating interactive film installations, multimedia performances and scenographic works that are presented internationally.

Chris received the “Young Art and New Media Award: in Munich (2001), and a Performing Arts Award from the Endowment of the Arts Baden-Württemberg (2004). In 2006, he was a Nominee for the Monaco Dance Forum Award. Additionally, Chris has garnered several Design Awards, including the New York’s “New Voices New Visions” Award (1996), which was presented to him by performance artist/musician Laurie Anderson, and the I.D. Magazine Design Bronze Award and Silver Award (2000 and 2001, respectively).