Chris Todd imageChris Todd is an artist and educator based in the Sonoran Desert. His project ideas emerge through seditious, yet poetic and playful, engagement with the oppressively quotidian, viciously hidden, or deliciously corny ideological forms that structure and ravage civilization. After initial conception, Chris employs iterative, intuitive tinkering with material, situational, and computational processes “at hand” to produce a variety of aesthetic experiments. As an educator, Chris focuses on community engagement, collaborative andragogy, fostering creative intelligence, and improving media literacy. Chris’ work has been shown in various exhibition spaces, museums, public/commercial sites, and publications. He has received numerous grants and awards in the fields of art, computer graphics, and education. Chris is currently Digital Art Faculty at Mesa Community College in the Phoenix metro area, a member of the DATURA multidisciplinary performance group, and is working to develop a community–centered, technologically–immersive exhibition space on the MCC campus.